Hair Analysis Reports.

We are assembling clinical data from those who have used Activated Liquid Zeolite showing reduced levels of Heavy Metals and Toxins.

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John Gaydon. John had a three fold reduction in Barium and his metabnolism changed from slow too fast after taking Zeolite over 6 months.

Tony Perkins. Tony had a 6 fold reduction in lead over 4 months on Activated liquid Zeolite. Initially he had extremely high levels.

Patient of Carlene Fuchs ND We have withheld the name of this patient to respect confidentiality. Dramatic reduction in Cadmium and Lead

John Gaydon's Test Results Before and After Liquid Zeolite

John Gaydon here. Well finally, I have had my 6 month Hair analysis test done after taking liquid Zeolite. In truth I took the product on and off over the period of time, usually 10 drops a day after the first month.

The test results show everything except molybdenum in the normal range. The tests prove conclusively that long term use of Liquid Zeolite has maintained nutrition at normal levels, while eliminating heavy metals and other toxins. Many people have commented that I look better in recent months. Now I know why! I can now unreservedly recommend Liquid Zeolite to anyone wishing to maintain youth and good health.

Email me now and get started on the road to exceptional health.

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Here is a summary of the results. You can view the actual before and after results by clicking on the report pages.

Let's start with Toxins and Heavy Metals. Unfortunately, I didn't have high levels to start with.

Element    July 2006 January 2007 Percentage Change
Arsenic 0.10 0.006 40%
Cadmium 0.008 0.004 50%
Aluminium 0.4 0.3 25%
Barium 0.61 0.23 62%
Vanadium 0.008 0.004 50%
Strontium 0.23 0.07 70%

Nutritional Elements

All elements except Molybdenum are now in the normal range. Previously Iron and copper levels were also low.

Significant Ratios.

All of these are now in the normal range. Preciously the Sodium/Magnesium ratio was low.

Toxic Ratios.

All are in the acceptable range. Previously Iron/Mercury was below average and Iron/Lead ratio marginal.

Metabolism has changed from slow to fast.

Conclusions by Laboratory.

The reduction in Barium indicates less chance of heart problems. Many of the changes are indicative of heavy metal elimination.

My conclusion. Use of Liquid Zeolite has balanced out my nutritional levels so that the only area of concern in the entire analysis now is low Molybdenum!

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Nutritional and Toxic Elements July 2006

Nutritional and Toxic Elements January 2007

Ratios July 2006

Ratios January 2007

Tony Perkin's Test Results Before and After Liquid Zeolite

Here is a summary of the results. You can view the actual before and after results by clicking on the report pages.

Let's start with Toxins and Heavy Metals. Notice the difference in lead levels. The Zeolite has a high affinity for lead. This means that while it is chelating lead, it will not have a great effect on other toxins until lead levels stabilise.

Element          Oct 2006      May 2007      % Change   November 2007 on Liquid Zeolite Product    % Change
Arsenic 0.26 0.27 0 0.32 +18.5%
Cadmium 0.003 0.003 0 0.002
Aluminium 0.9 0.7 22% 0.6 14%
Lead* 1.1 0.2 82% 0.20 0%
Nickel 0.26 0.17 35% 0.37 +117%
Strontium 0.32 0.17 47% 0.21 +24%

* Lead has a high affinity for Zeolite. It is removed first Plus values mean the amount increased!

Tony sent us a third Hair Analysis after 6 months on the Liquid Zeolite Company Product. This showed no further improvement after 6 months at double the rate he was taking our Activated Liquid Zeolite! There was even an increase in Arsenic, Nickel and Strontium.

Tony Perkins Before Activated Liquid Zeolite.


Tony Perkins After 5 months on Activated Liquid Zeolite.


Tony Perkins after 6 months on the Liquid Zeolite Company Product.


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Here is Tony's story.

"The material sent by Robert Ferguson has been more than helpful, and the new hair heavy metal analysis demonstrates the efficacy of the product. I am working with Doctor Patrick Brady of the Carina Chelation Clinic to understand more or the process. I do believe that, if I had not gone on to the Zeolite, my chances for being

alive now would be pretty much nil".


Tony Perkins - Brisbane Australia


I asked Tony to verify what he had taken over the period between Hair Analysis tests and this was his answer.


I have been trying to recall the exact time I started on the NCD. Unfortunately I did not keep a receipt for the first purchase I made, but I know that it was shortly after my first hair analysis - 10/10/2006.


I had then send away - via the internet - for some four different EDTA based chelation products. This was at the time of my first hair analysis. About six months ago I heard about Dr Patrick Brady from a compounding pharmacist on Wickham Terrace, Brisbane (after many, many phone calls to doctors, pharmacists and health "professionals"). He knew about the traditional chelation treatments and suggested that this Dr. Pat Brady was the only person who could assist me. I asked why not more was known of it? He actually laughed and said that he could claim with confidence that not one doctor in Brisbane I ventured to consult would have any knowledge of it.


I saw Dr Brady about a week later and he had me take a blood test. After the results came back, he advised me to put off the chelation process until my liver results were better: careful diet, no alcohol, taking supplements and so on. He suggested leaving it for a month or so as he was concerned with my abnormal lead levels.


During the next two to three weeks after this initial consultation the chelation material was arriving by post and I thought that it might be a good idea to start on these so as to bring down the heavy metal levels somewhat before I did the chelation process through the clinic. I suggested this to Dr Brady but he advised against it, saying that such (EDTA, etc) chelation must be carefully administered and monitored. I took his advice and took none of the (some expensive) material that I had received by mail.

In fact, I threw it all out.


At this time (approximately five months ago) I, just by chance - when looking through the Internet - came across Zeolite, and found the audio interviews fascinating.

The more I read, and listened to the interviews, the more convinced I became that taking Zeolite was a quite different approach to what Dr Brady was doing, and I made the decision to start on the Zeolite. I did not discuss this with Dr Brady as I felt that he would insist on the EDTA treatment, but I did not want to put my liver or kidneys under that sort of strain. I decided that I would try the Zeolite for some four months and then obtain another hair analysis test. The second test is the one I just sent you



So, no, I have been on absolutely no other chelation treatment since that initial blood test (10/10/2006). So we can say that,

what the Zeolite has achieved was achieved over approximately four to five months, and by the Zeolite alone.


I have my appointment with Dr Brady on this coming Thursday, 24/5, when I will show him the two results and tell him about the Zeolite. It will be interesting to see his reaction. I would say that I averaged about thirty drops of the Zeolite a day. Initially I was placing the full thirty drops into two liters of highly alkaline water on the advise of a Doctor Gerry Brady ( Pat's brother coincidently enough) who works on such things as gout, arthritis, low bone density, etc., through making the blood / system more

alkaline. However, he - Gerry Brady - was recommending the alkaline water in terms of making the system less acid. I don't know if he is aware of Zeolite, nor chelation. He has certainly never alluded to heavy metals or to chelation. On his recommendation, I bought a Microlite "Royal Water" water treatment system which takes the alkalinity of tap water to about 10. This is their site: However, Robert suggested that I might be better to take the Zeolite four times a day under the tongue, which is what I have been doing for the last two weeks.


"First, the high lead levels means that the NCD is first removing the lead. It has high affinity for this heavy metal. Once the lead is removed, you can expect the other elements to normalise."


That is interesting. I'm also not eating any shell-fish. Actually, Dr Pat Brady suggested this. He said that Australian coastal waters are heavy in arsenic and that it collects very much in crustations. I may have mentioned this before, but I have tended to eat a lot of sand crabs and prawns, and you can see that the arsenic levels have not been much affected as compared to the lead.


Just as an aside, I feel so much better since having the mercury removed from my teeth. It may be my imagination but my mental clarity appears to have improved. The dentist who carried out the work (just about every tooth in my head had been filled with mercury by an "old school" dentist, so that it would avoid us getting tooth decay later in life - what a weird concept!) is at, Just not continually feeling that metalic taste, as I have done throughout the last

forty years, is worth the money in itself.


Another interesting side effect that may be related to the Zeolite? For years now I have had continual break-out of small sores around my inner thighs and underarms. They just never go away despite antibiotic and antiseptic treatments. One doctor said that it could be related to a lack of minerals. I started taking a full range of chelated minerals over a period of about a year but with no improvement. In the last month to six weeks, however, every sore has completely healed up and no more are forming. I

wonder if those minerals I was taking just weren't getting into the cells until the Zeolite had started to significantly replace the heavy metals.


Results of Carlene Fuch's Patient with Lead and Cadmium

Let's start with Toxins and Heavy Metals. .

Element    February 2007 June 2007 %Change
Arsenic 0.18 0.013 28%
Cadmium 0.040 0.021 48%
Lead 0.090 0.040 56%
Mercury* 0.17 0.17 0


* Mercury reduces after lead and Cadmium as the Zeolite has a higher affinity for these heavy metals


Carlene's Comments

This is the repeat HMA after 4 months of taking NCD at dose of 10 drops x 3 daily.
I'm Looking forward to see the next HMA results.


Blessings Love & Gratitude
Carlene Fuchs ND.

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