Special Offer For NCD Activated Liquid Zeolite

Thanks for taking another look at Natural Cellular Defense from Waiora. As you know, prices have recently change and this page reflects the new pricing for returning customers.

You can order securely from here. Prices are wholesale, but do not include local taxes for the USA or Canada. Shipping will be charged when you place your order. Save $10 per bottle.

Megadefense is a complete immune system support formula supporting all 260 classes of immune system cells. NCD is the original Liquid Zeolite formula used by hundreds of thousands for removing heavy metals and other toxins from the body safely. Chava combines the amazing antioxidant properties of pure organic cacao with NCD and a special almond blend that is high in flavanoids. It tastes delicious too!

Below are the ordering options. Simply click on the quantity you require to order.

4 bottles of Natural Cellular Defense (NCD2) $120US

 8 bottles of Natural Cellular Defense (NCD2) $240US

12 bottles of Natural Cellular Defense (NCD2) $360US

18 bottles of Natural Cellular Defense (NCD2) $499US

36 bottles of Natural Cellular Defense (NCD2) $999 US (Free Shipping)

4 bottles of Megadefense $120

3 Bottles of NCD2 and one of Megadefense $120 (Combines a one month Detox with Immune System Support)

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I Have Prepared A Video And Guides To Take You Through The Ordering Process


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Heavy Metal Test Kits Now Available

We are please to be able to offer a simple Heavy Metal Urine Test for you to determine the excretion of Heavy Metals from your body.

When you start using activated liquid Zeolite, you will see an increase of Heavy Metal Excretion of up to 7-12 times the normal. This will appear as discoloration on a urine test and once excretion levels fall to normal indicating your heavy metal levels have reduced, the test will show a green colour. You also receive 10 PH tests with the kit in addition to the 8 Heavy Metal Tests which test for 5 heavy metals. Price is just $37.40 and if you purchase liquid Zeolite form us as well, we will send you a $10 rebate cheque when notified.

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